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Diasporic Asian Art Network (DAAN) is a network of scholars, artists, curators, arts writers, and graduate students interested in Asian American art and art history. Its inaugural meeting was held during the College Art Association convention in Los Angeles, California on Friday, February 27, 2009 and its first institutional sponsor was the Asian/Pacific/American Institute at NYU. Annual meetings are held at CAA, where the network is an affiliated society, in recognition of that organizationʼs pivotal role as a national and international venue for professionals in the arts.

The purpose of this network is to share ideas and information, both about our own projects and about the work of others in the United States and abroad, toward advancing new research, critical writing, and curatorial efforts involving modern and contemporary Asian American/Asian diasporic art and visual culture.

The “Diasporic Asian Art Network” (DAAN) hopes to encourage a broader transnational and trans-diasporic as well as domestic orientation. Whereas ʻAsian Americanʼ does refer specifically to the American, read U.S. experience, the network situates within the Asian diaspora, bringing the discussion to a ʻglobalʼ level that includes Asian American art. In our view, the American situation can only be invigorated and enriched by working with other Asian diasporas.

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