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Diasporic Asian Art Network statement condemning anti-Asian violence and call for coalition building

The Diasporic Asian Art Network condemns the anti-Asian violence that has seen an alarming increase in our cities globally during the pandemic. Historically, anti-Asian violence is not a new phenomenon and the flaring of recent attacks against the Asian Pacific diasporic community in the U.S. is another instance of the ugly but steady face of hate that has long been embedded into the history of the U.S. and globally through the pursuit of power and the legacy of colonialism and empire in its many forms. The hate directed toward the elders and Asian Pacific American womxn witnessed at this time is a lingering by-product of this history that remains woven into the popular fabric of the U.S. through the daily acceptance of embedded stereotypes and irrational blame that puts these communities at further risk.

DAAN stands by Asian Pacific Americans and other Asian Pacific diasporic communities under attack globally due to hate, othering, and scape-goating, and we stand against the pitting of communities against each other, which has long been a strategy of those seeking to retain an imbalance of power to weaken the strength of solidarities between minoritized communities. We also stand against the use of the media to perpetuate such schisms between communities and the criminalization of one community over another. We have seen this in the past and see it stirring in the media accounts in the present. We also understand the fear, anger, and hurt of the Asian Pacific diasporic communities in the U.S. and globally where they find themselves othered, bullied, and attacked. The time is for coalition building and understanding that the Asian Pacific diasporic community is not alone and that we all stand together in this fight against the propagation of hate. We see you, we are you, and we stand by you.

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